Configure Android in Netbeans


This tutorial will help you to set up Android SDK in Netbeans, for this I have used Netbeans 7.0. I you have not installed netbeans just go to this link and get this installed right now.
                  Once you have done this installation just follow the below simple steps to configure Android SDK to it.

Step 1: Configure Android plugin in Netbeans

Step 2: Configure Android SDK in Netbeans

Configure Android plugin in Netbeans
  1. Open Netbeans and go to Tools -> Plugins -> Settings, now you can see the below window and click Add button at the bottom right. It will take you to another window. 

  2. Give any provider name you wish but the URL given here click OK.
    It will check for some updates and add Android to the list.


  3. Now go to Available plugins tab you can see the Name provided above (“Android”) in the list as shown below. 
    Click the check box in the left and select install at the bottom. We are about to install Android plugin into Netbeans, just go ahead and click next, accept the license agreement and proceed; you could see the plugin is being downloaded.
    Then click Continue in Verify certificate screen, now you plugin should have got installed now click Finish.
  4. We can see increase in number of options at the top as well in Tools link. Then we are correct we have finally configured Android plugin into Netbeans.

Configure Android SDK in Netbeans

If you have not configured Android SDK, just go to this link and configure it first.
  1. Once done with the above steps, go to Tools -> Android SDK and AVD Manager, a pop up will appear click OK, below screen will appear.

  2. Select Browse and locate Android SDK path as shown below and Open and OK in the previous window. Now you have configured Android SDK in Netbeans. To validate your configuration proceed with next step.

  3. Go to Tools -> Android SDK and AVD Manager, now you could see a different window, as shown below. It indicates that SDK platform corresponding to different OS versions has been installed. Other packages can be downloaded and installed based on developer’s choice by selecting the check box and installing packages by using the bottom.Finally we have come to the end of Android SDK configuration in Netbeans, next post will help you to run a sample program in Netbeans.


Thus setting up Android in Netbeans is finished..  Now go ahead and start your development.

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  1. Please update your autoupdate center URL according to The one that you are using is there only as a legacy. I am going to delete it soon.


    1. Thanks for your information Radim.But I dont see any plugin in the
      link ( provided in the mentioned site. Any thoughts?

  2. Pavan
    @ Pavan Blog
    I have configured android sdk in my eclipse and good to see even it can be configurable in net beans also

  3. I am unable to add Android in my Netbeans. I am not getting any Andriid in installed package using that link.
    Please tell me how can i fix it... its urgent. I m waiting for your reply..


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