Configure Android SDK and create sample Android Project in IntelliJ


        Its quite simple to Configure Android SDK in intelliJ, it is one of the free IDE for Android development.

  • Get IntelliJ installed in your PC from the link.
  • Download Android SDK and JDK installed on your machine. If you need help on this, just go to this link.
            Once done with the above items, just follow the below steps.

  1.      Open IntelliJ and create New Project under Quick Start links, then click on ‘Create project from scratch’,  below screen will appear now. 

           2. Now, name your Project, this name will be the identifier for your project everywhere even     
               in Google Market. So make sure you name it carefully and click Next for the above 
               screen and next screen.

           3. The screen which appears now needs some configurations to be done before 

Configure Android SDK and Java JDK
  •       Click on browse button against Android SDK a new screen will display where you need to configure both. Now (+) at the top to add JDK as shown in the next image.

  •       Now select your JDK path and click OK. Now JDK has been configured in IntelliJ.

  •        Again click (+) symbol and click on Android SDK to configure it, just locate your android SDK as shown below and click OK. It will ask for JDK and SDK versions to run your application just select and click OK. Once you are done with both the configurations click OK to go back to previous window.

              4. Next we need to configure Android Emulator. Click browse button against ‘Prefer 
                    Android Virtual Machine’. It will take you to a window, select Device Definitions tab 
                    under it. Select your preferred  device and click Create AVD button at the right. 
                    Configure all the stuffs you require like Target Android version etc., and click OK. You 
                    should be able to see the device you select should have added under Android Virtual 
                    Machines as shown below.

            5. Now you can see that particular device being added to you previous screen as shown        

                6. Select the Emulator device and click Finish. You might get frustrated as you may 
                    receive an error now. “Error loading default project – createComponent error”. If you 
                    get such errors just close IntelliJ open again, before creating a new project check top 
                    right of you window, you could see some plugin error. Click on those and disable the 
                    plugins and proceed with creating New Project. Once you project is created after 
                    clicking Finish button, execute it.

          Finally we have configure Android SDK and created sample project in IntelliJ.

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