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Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Initially developed by Android Inc.,(founded in 2003 and is based in Palo Alto, California) which operated as subsidiary of Google and later purchased by Google in 2005. Android was publicily announced in 2007 and first phone was sold on October 2008. Thats a short information about Android's history. 

             Below are the list of Android programming tutorials in this website. Best way to start with Android is to begin with Basics of Android. This could be a beginners guide to Android programming. You can start here with basics of android and extend to android programming and application development.  More tutorials coming soon!!.

1. Basics of Android
            History of Android and Android OS Architecture
            What makes Android so special?
            Android OS Versions
            Android application lifecycle   
            Configure Android in Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ
            Hello World Android application in Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ
            Basic components in Android application
            Directory Structure of Android Project
            AndroidManifest.xml in detail  

2. UI Layouts

            Display images in Gridview layout 
            Android linearlayout 
            Table-layout example
            Android listview example

3. Android Programming

           Android activity in detail with example   
           Android activity lifecycle 
           Invoke activity from another activity
           Introduction to Fragments in Android    NEW 
           Introduction to Intents in Android   
           Set background Image in Android application
           Android asynchronous task
           Android SQLite database tutorial
           Android BroadcastReceiver tutorial
           Check Internet connectivity in Android
           Date picker in Android
           Time picker in Android
           Toast in Android
           Android alert dialog
           Android ToggleButton Example         
           Options menu in Android
           Context Menu in Android with example
           Android Progress Bar example
           Android Progress Dialog example
           Android SeekBar example
           Android Spinner(Dropdownlist) example   
           Status bar Notification Example in Android
           AutoCompleteTextView example
           Playing Audio in an Android application
           Playing Video in an Android application
           Download Manager in Android with example  
           Embedding browser view in Android application 
           Embedding map view in an Android application 
           Introduction to Services in Android with example 
           Applying Themes and Styles to an Android Application 
           Check your Android device Screen Orientation with example    NEW   
           Vibrate Android device with Example    NEW   
           Turn ON and OFF bluetooth in Android with example    NEW   
           Introduction to Action Bar in Android    NEW   
           Content Providers in Android with example    NEW   
           Using Wake Locks in Android with example      NEW   

4. Android Applications

            Login application in Android
            Login application in Android using HTTPS
            Display Android battery level in numbers
            SMS application
            SMS/Message delivery and sent confirmation in Android with example 
            Send MultipartTextMessge in Android with example 
            Email Application using Intents
            Check if device has Camera, NFC, Bluetooth,WiFi etc
            Android Camera Application
            Turn On/Off Camera LED / Flashlight
            Text to Speech
            Accessing Web Service from Android application
            Alarm application in Android  
            Location Based Services -Where Am I demo application  
            Repeating Alarm Example in Android   NEW   

5. Android Graphics
             Introduction to 2D graphics with example

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