What makes Android special?


What makes android so special?
There are many modile operating systems available in the market including iOs, Windows Phone os, Java mobile version, Symbian, Balckberry OS,   and so on. Android is one of the mobile operating systems that combines component based architecture, open source, out-of-the-box built in services, effective automatic management of appliation lifecycle, good graphics support, wide range of hardware support. Thats why Android is so special among all available mobile platforms.
Lets see how android provides above features;

Effective automatic management of applcation lifecycle:
Android provides multiple layers of security which makes it easier to isolate one program from other. So the user need not worry about the application lifecycle. The user need not worry about which application to be closed for the effective running of other applcation. All these are handled by the operating system very well. This gives a stability to the operating system. This operating system is optimized for low memory, low power usage which makes it easier to run in wide range of devices. Nowadays other platforms like Windows Phone also comes with low power usage.

Open source:
Android is a truely open source platform so the developers get most freedom to develop, test their applications. Thats why this platform has large number applications and it is increasing continuesly.

Out-of-the-box built in services:
Android provides wide range of services which makes the application development very simple. For example the SQLite database gives storage capabilities to the application. Location based services makes the use of GPS,Network features. The application can be developed with mapping capabilities. Browsers can be directly integerated with the application. BroadcastReceiver, content privider and other features helps the developers to create stable, efficient applciations.

Component based architecture:
We can replace built in components with out own improved version easily. This creates a way for cretive ideas from the developers.

Graphics support:
2D vector graphics support, Smooth graphics, 3D animations, Flash support, OpenGL support are helping high quality gaming experience and ultra smooth application interfaces. Android platform provides wide range of codecs so that we can run almost any format of media files in the device. Android gives excellent multi touch facilities.

Hardware support:
All the programs are written in java language. Executed by android's Dalvik Virtual Machine. So the code is portable across ARM, X86 and other architecture based devices. Android also supports variety of input machanisms including keyboard, touchpad, trackball. User interface can be customized to any resolution easily. So android is used in devices with various screen size.

Apart from above features Android provides many other features to the users, developers, device manufacturers and everyone. So all these makes Android so special!!!

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