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         Who doesn't love multitasking in a world where we got bunch of applications running alongside tons of tabs in browser, with couple of open windows & file folders here and there.
Sure we all love our tabs and windows but when it comes to switching, handling & managing in between them systematically one can get easily lost and sometimes even forget the thread of work.

So in order to make sure that I do not get lost away in middle of my work, I simply arrange and categorize my applications & windows with the help of Dexpot.

        Dexpot is an amazing fun yet helpful application that provide virtualizing support to your actual desktop in real-time so that you can neatly organize all your application and windows into their respective areas. This app features desktop multitasking in a excellent and simple way.

Let’s see some of the top and amazing and features among dozens that Dexpot offers.

Live Virtual Desktops

         Dextop’s most exciting feature is its capability to handle multiple virtual desktops with their live overview and smooth animation of tiles. Moreover features like swapping application with a mouse drag in between desktops along with custom Hot Keys and Hot Corners enhance the user experience.You can create a minimum of 2 to maximum of 8 desktops, although 4 would be ideal.

Settings>Controls>Hotkeys>Dexpot Components>Full-Screen Preview
Settings>General>Number of Desktops

Window Catalog

       Window catalog function provides you easy and instant live overview of all the running programs and windows in current Desktop so that you can swap anything to anywhere in a blink, provided you have already assigned hotkey or hot corners to call this function.

Settings>Controls>Hotkeys>Dexpot Components>Window Catalog

Configure Individual Desktops
Configure Names, Screen Resolution and Password Protection
       You can assign separate names, customize resolution and apply password protection to the desktops so that you can maintain privacy and provide security to the applications you are working with. However Dexpot will ask you to create a Master Password before you create a password for a specific desktop.
Menu>Configure Desktops>Properties

Once you password protect a desktop it’s live overview remains hidden and you will be prompt to enter password every time you take entry into the particular desktop.

Individual Background
          We wouldn’t be stepping back if we are allowed to customize different wallpapers to our different desktops, would we?
Menu>Configure Desktops>Background>Browse

Wallpaper Clock
          Isn’t a Wallpaper capable of showing time is much better than a normal wallpaper? If you agree, then this feature is absolutely for you.

Menu>Wallpaper Clock
You can download Wallpaper Clock files (.wcz) from here.


Hot Corners 
         This awesome feature literally boosts up the efficiency of Dexpot way up high and from here you actually start enjoying the journey with Dexpot. All you got to do is assign functions to 4 the hot corners of your screen and whenever you drag your cursor to the corners; the respective events happen with a way smooth animation.

Menu>Settings>Plugins and Extras>Mouse Events>Configure>Hot Corners

My recommendation is as:
Top Left Corner          : Full-screen Preview
Bottom Left Corner    : Window Catalog
Top Right Corner       : (None, as it interferes with close[x] button.) 
Bottom Right Corner : Minimize All

Assign Applications to respective desktops permanently
        This feature allows you to permanently link an application to a particular desktop so that the next time although you open the application in other desktop, it will be relocated to the desktop where it was actually assigned. In a nutshell your applications are always organized once they are assigned.
Menu>Assign Applications

Keep taskbar buttons visible
          Although you have partitioned your applications but you still want all of them to be visible in taskbar then this option makes all the running applications from all the desktops visible in the taskbar & clicking a button makes Dexpot switch to the desktop of the respective window.
Settings > Switching Desktops > Keep all taskbar buttons visible

Distribute icons & shortcuts efficiently 
         Not only wallpapers, now you can even organize your own sets of icons and shortcut links in the desktops separately instead of having same icon setup throughout the all. Features such as sorting and aligning of icons are maintained. 
Settings > Switching Desktops > Desktop icons > Advanced > Create a separate folder for each desktop

Creating Profiles
      You can save all your current settings and customization in one profile from your current computer and load the same in other computers with ease.

There are still other bunches of amazing features like Multi Monitor Support, Plugins and Extras, Dexcube, Sevendex, Transparency Controls which I leave up to you to explore however one of the last but not the least feature of Dexpot to mention is that it’s free of cost and it simply rocks.
You can download it from here.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a tech savvy computer geek or just a casual computer user, a professional office worker or a student, a little multitasking never hurts.

Note For geeks:
It’s available in portable version and its SDK too is available. Its Plugin Interface is written in C++ and you can further use the code in any way you like.

Hope this articles helps you to perform multitasking in desktop in a simple way.. !

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