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ASP.NET vNext- A web app development tool you'll never regret using
            ASP.NET is regarded as one of the finest innovations in the world of web app development technologies. Having being into existence since 15 years from now, the .NET platform has undergone a lot of changes when it comes to building applications for the web.
Every latest version of ASP.NET has something new for web app developers, allowing them to unveil the creative side of their personalities. Backed by absolutely stunning features such as lower resource consumption, better performance and scalability; ASP.NET has played a vital role in conceiving the idea of a perfect web application. Keep on reading this blog as I introduce you to some of the key reasons which make ASP.NET vNext the number one choice of web app developers residing in different corners of the world.

1. Applications developed using ASP.NET vNext are more dynamic
     Unlike web applications that were built using the traditional ASP.NET framework, the ones developed using ASP.NET vNext are much more dynamic and don't rely much on the server-generated HTML. These applications use a specific client functionality which relies on services for gathering information. Being extremely simpler in nature, the web pages developed using ASP.NET vNext can load quickly and also fit into screens with varying sizes. 

2. ASP.NET vNext apps are cloud-ready by default
     Unlike the case of other web applications which need to be tweaked in order to make them compatible with various cloud infrastructures; the applications built using ASP.NET vNext come with a cloud ready design. Moreover, the vital services including session state and caching choose to adjust their behavior in accordance to whether the application needs to be operated in the traditional hosting environment or in the cloud. 

3. In ASP.NET vNext, the Build process doesn't build anything
     To put it simply, in ASP.NET vNext, no binaries are being generated and you just need to run the type checker for ensuring the zero existence of any errors or warnings that need to be resolved. Offering you the flexibility of compiling the code on the go, you can ensure faster iterations for the larger websites. 

4. ASP.NET vNext has proved beneficial in building a pluggable modular base runtime
     With the introduction of ASP.NET vNext, Microsoft aims to build a more modular base runtime which makes it convenient to host the ASP.NET web applications on any type of hosting platform. The modularity of this web app development framework allows you to choose from the wide array of features and frameworks that you require for running your web application. And that's not all. ASP.NET vNext has also made it comfortable for the third-parties to plug into the runtime pipeline, thereby offering a middleware or an alternate hosting platform. 

5. ASP.NET vNext bids adieu to ASP.NET Web API
     Unlike the previous versions of ASP.NET which included the use of Web APIs, the ASP.NET vNext version has the perfect blend of best features of ASP.NET Web API and the ASP.NET MVC framework. This 
merging is being performed for producing a single integrated framework which shares the same routing, execution pipeline, configuration and filtering, making it feasible for you to write the filters and their corresponding behaviors. 

6. ASP.NET vNext runs on all non-Windows platforms
     Unlike the limited OS-compatibility of other web app development frameworks, ASP.NET vNext can run on all non-Windows platforms.   In other words, ASP.NET vNext is compatible with every platform that supports the Mono framework, which means it can run on both, Linux and Mac. 

7. ASP.NET Vnext doesn't expect you to worry about GAC(Global Assembly Cache)
     Ever since GAC has came into existence, you and many other web developers have been hating it for a majority of reasons. Management has been one of the most common concerns of developers using GAC. And this problem has become more severe ever since .NET Framework 2.0 has been introduced into the web app development world. There has been a power-struggle between several departments and their layers at Microsoft as to who would own the GAC, how is needs to be managed and whether it is commendable to ship the tools for managing GAC directly with the Windows operating system. As a web app developer, you too wouldn't mourn the absence of GAC.  

8. ASP.NET vNext comes with support for developing ASP.NET applications outside Visual Studio IDE(Integrated Development Environment)
     ASP.NET vNext offers you the convenience of developing client-centric applications using different editing environments. Especially, if you are looking forward to build an application on a specific non-Windows platform, then ASP.NET vNext can serve as your excellent choice. 

Wrapping it all up
     With such brilliant insights captured for ASP.NET vNext, I'm sure you'd be all excited to use this web app development framework rightaway. So, what's the wait for? Move forward and explore the multiple possibilities available with using this latest ASP.NET version for delivering high-performing, full-featured web applications.

About the Author:
Celin Smith is .Net programmer  at Xicom Technologies Ltd. who loves to write about web & mobile apps. Xicom is a one of the leading Web Development Outsourcing Company which provides different array of genuine software solutions like Custom .Net Development, IT Outsourcing Services, Web application development services to its clients globally.

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