Essential Shortcuts in Windows


Built in short-cuts in Windows
           As a Desktop or Laptop user how often don’t we feel that the mouse is either way too far from the keyboard or we are too naive to use the touch-pad, which is even troublesome for some of desktop turned laptop users. However, it would be much better if we knew The Most Essential Shortcuts to Make Life Easier that are offered by Windows and yet we are ignorant to them. And on top of it, if we could possibly tweak those short-cuts as per our need, then it would definitely be an icing on the cake. First let’s take a look at the few built-in short-cuts and I am not talking about (Ctrl+ Alt+ Del) or (Ctrl+ C) or (Alt+ F4). Although they are historically significant till the date, today we are going add few more essential keyboard short-cuts to your arsenal.

Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc
          It launches Windows Task Manager, which everybody needs every once in a while and doesn't need any introduction. Unlike Ctrl+ Alt+ Del it directly opens Task manager without any hassle.

       It basically minimizes all your applications to Task bar and shows you Desktop. When you invoke the shortcut again, all your windows will be restored back to their state. However a similar shortcut ÿ+M minimize all your windows to taskbar but do not restore them back if you invoke it again. Their usage will vary time to time although I cling to ÿ+D more.

         It launches My Computer or some like to call it as Explorer. Either way it comes handy a lot whenever you are dealing with hard disks, pen drives, external device etc. for file transfer. 

        Need to go out of room for a while or have to leave your PC in among few peoples without shutting it down, this handy shortcut instantly lock down your PC to Login Screen, thus protecting you , your data and maintaining your privacy as required.


        It lets you take a peek at minimized applications from your taskbar (starts from the first tab always) and you can open them if you want. Once pressed, you can control the direction flow by Arrow keys as well.

ÿ+ (Num 1-9)
       As you might have already guessed, pressing ÿ+3 (Not Numpad3) opens up the 3rd application from the taskbar and so on. However, it only supports Number Keys lying in second row


          If you ever need to adjust the Brightness or Volume or Power plan or Wi-Fi at once, you are one shortcut away from them, i.e. Windows Mobility Center. It also includes facilities like External Display, Sync Center and Presentation Settings. Sometimes extra features from your Device Manufacturer are also available in Mobility Center.

ÿ+(Arrow Keys)

           If you have not played with this combination, then you might be missing an essence of Windows 7 in your life. Speaking generally, it allows you to run two windows side by side. You can be benefitted from this in numerous ways; like you can watch a lecture in media player, and take a note side by side in notepad.


          You might be thinking it should have been Alt+Tab if you are not acquainted to Aero Flip 3D in W7.  Adding ‘Ctrl’ to the combination (Ctrl+ ÿ+ Tab) gives you a joy of controlling them with arrow keys. 


 What we all know this RUN command is it will bring up a dialogue box and we are limited to type few RUN commands like:
Cmd, Calc, Notepad, Taskmgr, Temp, Recent etc
But RUN command is more powerful and smart than we think. We can launch a bunch of system tools and utilities right from RUN by using following keywords.
  • control                Control Panel
  • msconfig             System Configuration
  • mblctr                  Windows Mobility Center
  • dxdiag                 DirectX Diagnostic Tool
  • diskmgmt.msc     Disk Management
  • gpedit.msc           Group Policy Editor
  • eventvwr             Event Viewer
  • perfmon              Performance Monitor
  • regedit                 Registry Editor
  • soundrecorder      Built in WMA Audio Recorder
  • stikynot              Sticky Notes
  • write                   Wordpad

You can also open websites in default browser directly just by typing the URL in RUN.
Moreover if you want to run a XYZ application that you have installed on your pc via RUN, then simply copy and paste it’s shortcut in following path:
And make sure you rename it to something convenient like “vegas” instead of  “Vegas Pro 12.0 (64-bit)”. So that next time you type “vegas” it will automatically launch your application.

          It helps to Close the current window in Explorer and current tabs in Browsers. It works perfectly in most of applications too.

Ctrl+ Shift+ N
         Gets you a New Folder ready to be renamed for your purpose.

Hope these essential PC shortcuts will make your life easy.. !

Also, have a look at  custom short cut keys in Windows here....

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