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            Mozilla has got tonne of add-ons for its users to play with. The choice of add-ons depends upon the personal interests and preferences. The add-ons that I am going to showcase here are the one which I use on a regular basis and suggest as a must have for an individual to enhance their internet experience

1. Adblock Plus (2.6.7)
           Advertisement covers a major portion in internet revenue. While browsing some ads posted around us are helpful to us to some extent, but every now and then if a add pops up claiming you have won an iPhone or some other nonsense in middle of our work, then the one solid move one can make is install Adblock Plus (ABP).
ABP helps you surf web without annoying ads by blocking pop-ups, banners and video ads even on popular websites. However the ads which are not obtrusive are not blocked in order to support the websites that you are visiting and it’s configurable too. Its community has created a set of guidelines to identify acceptable ads that are allowed by ABP however you can configure them out as well, if you strictly don’t want any ads. You can Add and delete your filter subscriptions and at the same time create your own custom filters.

2. Anonymox
            Is your college firewall blocking you from accessing certain websites? Are you working under internet censorship? Or you just prefer to browse the web anonymously? 
           Anonymox is the Firefox plugin that allows its user to surf the web anonymously with the help of its proxy servers. You can simply change your identity (IP-Address) with a click without any hassle. It’s available in free as well as premium version.
          Free version allows you to choose 12 IPs from 3 countries (UK, US & NL) i.e. you appear to be browsing from those countries to the websites you are visiting, no matter where you are in the globe. Thus, it helps you to bypass GeoIP-Blocks. Premium version allows you furthermore to select from the following countries: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Italy, Hong-Kong, Canada & Australia. And it’s Ad-free too unlike free version. It also allows you to customize cookies settings, change your browser ID and show your public IP.

3. URL Fixer
           This add-on automatically corrects the typos that you make in address bar and prevent from automatically or accidently redirecting to malicious domains. It corrects the typos made under (.com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .mil), Top-level Domains.

You can customize it whether to autocorrect or not certain websites as well.
Menu>Tools>Add-ons>Url Fixer>Options>Find & Replace>Add Correction

4. Flagfox
           A simple yet intuitive add-on that shows the Domain Name, Nationality, IP-Address and Server Location of the website that you are visiting. It gives these details once you hover your mouse cursor over the Country’s Flag in Address-Bar. The flag denotes of the actual location of the server you're connected to, rather than just the nationality of the domain name which may be different.

It also provides bunch of domain-tools and information & stats relevant to the website, like:
  • WHOIS and DNS info
  • Site Safety and Malware checks
  • URL Shortening
  • Ping and Traceroutes
  • Server Status
  • Copying Server’s IP address
  • Automatic Translation, etc
5. Save As PDF
            This tiny add-on helps you to directly save entire content of a web page into a PDF. There are no re-directions or ads. You just click the add-on button in the tab and Pdfcrowd uses its html to pdf online service to generate your PDF and you can directly download it within your default.
However if you are thinking to generate a PDF of your Facebook Timeline or Quora then it is not possible because such sites uses Server-based User Session Services to Identify you and your current session to which the PDFCrowd’s Servers don’t have access. Some more such sites include your email-inbox, e-banking, payment checkouts etc. where you are logged-in as a registered user.

Its working mechanism is as:
Once you click the “Save As PDF” toolbar button, it sends the address (URL) of your current webpage to PDFCrowd Service from where an another request is sent to the URL supplied. Once the access is granted to the PDFCrowd, it downloads the contents of the URL and creates the PDF. If you have an active license then your custom settings are applied or else the default settings is applied and the created PDF is sent back to your browser.

6. Blocksite

             If you don’t want your kids browsing web unnecessarily when you are not around or you just want to block certain websites and yet make it look like a glitch in network just make some story on your own, then Blocksite is an add-on that you are in need of.
It supports wildcards, import-export of web-page list to and from text files.
Whenever somebody somebody tries to open a blocked site then, s/he will get no response from browser no matter how many times s/he will try. You can opt to whether display an error message about blockade or not.

7. Hackbar
          Hackbar is a lovely add-on that helps you find and test SQL injections. It’s basically a big address bar (multi-line-editor) where you can type and see all your SQL query (URL or address)
As mentioned in the add-on’s description itself, it is not a tool for executing standard exploits and will not teach how to hack anything. It is used by developers to perform security analysis and tests for SQL and XSS (cross-site-scripting) vulnerabilities on a speedy basis.
Readability, easy access, free from redirection, MD5/SHA1/SHA256 hashing, MySQL/MS SQL Server/Oracle Shortcuts, XSS useful functions, etc. are its highlighted features.

8. Session Manager
            If you have a lot of concurrent web sessions or tabs going on and you repeat them every other day then Session Manager is a must have add-on for you. You can save and restore the state of all or selected number of tans to whether automatically startup when you open Firefox or periodically. It even supports to restore your sessions when Firefox crashes. It can also automatically save the state of open windows individually. 
One of the advantage of having this add-on is its restart-less and can be enabled and disabled on the fly. If in past you have used SessionSaver or Tab Mix Plus for session management then, Session Manager is capable of importing sessions from both of them.

9. Sidebar Auto Show/Hide
         It provides an instant access to your bookmarks and history, whenever your mouse cursor touches left window border and automatically closes once you leave the area. It proves its worth installing in a long run.
You can get all the settings of add-ons from add-ons tab.
Menu>Tools>Add-ons (Ctrl+Shift+A)

Still there are tons of add-ons popular on Firefox like Lastpass, Grease-monkey, Fire Bug, Better Gmail, etc. You can always opt what you like and what suits your purpose.

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