Most Fitting JavaScript Frameworks for Webmasters


           JavaScript is a programming language that keeps on dictating the trend every time it goes through any change or modification. It's a language that developers loves to play around and get to grips with.
It evolves rapidly and helps web-masters to come up with highly interactive web apps in the quickest possible time.
           JavaScript also brings developers a gift of some useful frameworks that help them fabricate competitive apps in the manner most effective. These frameworks give them better ways to lay foundations for their apps and streamline their workflow. JavaScript frameworks can be extremely useful for any dedicated developer to build complex interfaces without getting involved into complicated coding procedure.
         Using these frameworks, developers can focus on creating interactive elements to complete their user interface without getting worried about long-winded codes. They enable developers to construct scalable and usable applications efficiently.
           Web developers have enthusiastically embraced JavaScript frameworks to establish their niche in the development realm. These frameworks are skyrocketing rapidly, thus making it difficult for us to sort out the one that is suitable for us. So, to help you out, below is a list of some JavaScript frameworks that are considered best of breed and enable developers to create cutting-edge web applications.

1. Backbone.js

         Backbone.js is a leading JavaScript framework that allows developers to structurize their web apps with the help of modules and custom events. It's a lightweight framework that comes with a RESTful JSON interface, and is based on MVC and Actor model application design. It's a popular framework used by some of the leading brands such as Walmart, Pinterest, Foursqaure, and a lot more.

One thing that makes Backbone.js so much fascinating is that it is very simple and easy to learn. Using it, anyone can easily start building apps in no time.

2. Angular.js

       Created by Google Angular.js is an extremely powerful and famous Javascript open-source framework out there. The framework comes under MIT license and currently boasts one of the biggest communities of developers. Angular.js is mainly used to develop single page web applications and its powers HTML by providing all the necessary features required to create dynamic apps. Using Angular.js, it's quite easy to extend HTML, all you need is just add Angular directives or you can develop a custom directive and fix it with any div.

Two way data binding is a unique selling point of this framework. It allows for the automatic data synchronization between view and models.

3. React.js

         React.js is a framework that powers the user interface of popular apps such as Facebook and Instagram. React.js is a powerful solution when it comes to developing single page dynamic web apps. The community behind this framework is extremely large, making it one of the fastest growing frameworks as of today. One can easily opt for React.js for developing complex user interfaces with flagship performance. Virtual DOM is the fundamental concept behind the success of React.js, which can be rendered at both server side as well as client side.
        React.js can be re-used with the help of reactive components. These components can be created and used across a broader range of applications. They can also be made available for public use.

4. Ember.js            
           Ember.js is yet another remarkable JavaScript open-source framework that can easily compete React and Angular when at comes to creating interactive web apps. It also has a very active community of developers and is based on two way data binding like Angular. Ember is famous for its high-end features and abilities that enable webmasters to develop complex UI.

5. Aurelia.js

           Aurelia.js is an open-source framework created by Rob Eisenberg and his team. This is a newly created JavaScript framework that is a blend of Angular and Durandal. This implies that for those who are familiar with Angular and Durandal can easily get the hang of this framework. Though Aurelia is a new framework, but it has a very active community of developers which make this framework a choice that you can consider.
One of the best thing about Aurelia is that it is highly modularized and comes packed with a range of small independent libraries. Using only few of them, one can come up with a power packed project.

To Conclude,
      With this, here's the end of our round up of some top-notch JavaScript frameworks for developers. You can choose any one of them to create complex user interfaces for single page web applications.

Author Bio: 
       Juana Steves is a Java developer for Xicom Technologies, a java web development company. She loves to share latest information on Java technology, you can get in touch with Juana on Twitter.

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  1. When it comes to performance, which one would be faster?
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