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            Among all the languages available for programming when it comes to web development PHP is among the most sought after language. It is mainly used for back-end development. You will learn in the future articles, what back-end is.
For now just assume that it is something what you do not see while surfing the internet, but it is what makes the internet work. 
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          PHP was developed in 1995, along with JavaScript, Java and a bunch of other programming languages. It was solely developed for the purpose of web development and to this date a majority of uses of PHP are in the field of web-development. I am assuming that you know a few things about programming and are familiar with computer programming terminology. So let’s begin.

          Before learning PHP, you must know a few basic things. Always remember these, they will come in handy when you are developing a PHP application. 

1. Always write your code between: <?php expr ?>
2. All statements must end with a semicolon (;)! Otherwise errors will be generated.
3. Variables in PHP are declared with the help of ‘$’ e.g
        $a; //Declares a variable of integer type
4. Single quotation (‘’) are evaluated for their literal value. E.g.
        $a = ‘one’;
        echo ‘$a’;
5. Double quotations are evaluated for their values.
        $a = ‘one’;
        echo “$a”;
6. ‘//’ means comment for a single line. Anything after this will not be read by the PHP compiler. For multiple lines we use /* text */.
7. A function in PHP is more or less like functions in C. e.g
     function  function_name($parameter1, $parameter2){

PHP has a number of in-built functions which are useful when you are working on application development. Few of them are eval($string), sleep($integer), urlencode($string) and a lot more. I urge you to explore as much of these function as you can, because these will aid you in effective web-development. In the next article we will learn about the tools needed to develop a PHP application..

More articles on PHP to be published soon.... !

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